They have to over at First state politics too be totally honest with ya.   When they aren’t turning off the comments On a ridiculous 9/11 commemorative post by their own version of a blathering idiot

They are accusing criminal behavior and allowing no one to comment or defend themselves or point out the obvious staginess of the photo. The post just sits out there for all to see like a noose on a tree.

It is a simple action that speaks volumes about Dave Burrus and the De. GOP doesn’t it. I mean here was a guy that was a Sussex County Republican Chairman Can you imagine? Good lord, what a sad state of affairs for those shaping party thoughts and ideas in De. What a disgusting action that typifies the First States Republican leadership and the countries GOP leadership as well.

It seems to be a pattern that fits doesn’t it?  If we don’t like what you will say, we don’t listen.  We stage events where only believers can attend, only people with tickets can get in, where we can block you with our rally squads, throw you out if you don’t dress the way we want.

At a time when branches of our own national Government are giving fake press conferences Dave’s small action is a unflattering wart on the nose of the GOP.  Staged press events are episodes that have happened several times in the past mind you.

Do we really need to prop up local “leaders” (term used loosely) That see fit to make accusations then not allow for comments?  Is the De GOP really proud to have had him lead them?  Is this the action of a free speech supporter?  Of a person that seeks outside opinion?

It’s sad, pathetic and all too telling of you and your party.  Dave burris your actions speak louder than your words. You have a blog my friend and you can do whatever you want with it.  But, these small choices you make reflect a much greater belief you have.  This belief will no doubt be reflected in the Party you wield influence in, it already does.

FEEL FREE TO COMMENT DAVE… always can over here.