Although my hatred has cooled off a bit recently, you may know that I’m an old time Frightland hater.

It isn’t just Frightland. I hate Halloween, and I hated it befor anyone thought that it was cool to hate on Halloween. But I don’t hate it for all of the right-wing reasons to hate it (e.g. that it is a way for wiccans to recruit people to the dark side). No. I hate it because it is stupid.

Here is a short list of things I hate about it:

1) The song “Monster Mash”
2) Sullen teenagers trying to get in that “one last” halloween.
3) Seven year olds dressed like hookers and pimps.
4) Bullshit stories about poison and razor blades in candied apples.
5) The fact that Americans spend about $950 million on halloween candy.
6) Pumpkins.

I could go on and on.