As a geek, I hate stories like this.  The House Judiciary Committee wanted to send out an email to all of the anonymous tipsters in the DoJ US Attorneys scandal to tell them how much of a premium they are putting on their anonymity.  They didn’t want them to think that there was any way that people in positions of power could retaliate for their whistleblowing.  There are some things that just need to be done by competent people, and this is one of them.

When the email went out, all of the whistleblowers’ emails were in the To: field instead of the bcc: field.  This means that every whistleblower could see every other whistleblower’s email address.  Oddly enough, one of the apparent informants was the Vice President’s office.  So now Voldemort has the names of all of all of the members of the Order of the Phoenix.

Can they be any more stupid?