UPDATE:  I almost forgot to mention perhaps the biggest compliment ever applied to this blog.  From Robert Vanella:

“I have to tell you guys, the only places websites I visit are www.andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com www.nytimes.com and The Richard Dawkins Foundation – www.richarddawkins.net and you guys”

Pretty good fucking company I must say.  And I know a hell of a lot of politicians in delaware read this website too.  Dave Burris does too, but he only thinks he’s important.  Me, I know I am. 

So read on about the wild night:

Listen I’m not gonna lie and say that you people that didn’t make it out have no idea what you were missing.  It was incredible.  I came out.  No, no, not out silly, out.  I showed up.  It has been about 4 months but I did it and I have to tell you it was a stimulating evening to say the least.  To my right people were discussing marxism.  Across from me someone from Democratic Underground joined the small frey.  To my left people were discussing Mrs. Blevins, Matt Denn and some other guy that supposedly is trying to distance himself from the governor as he hopes to claim the mightiest seat in all the land (over-built land I might add).  In my opinion distancing himself much the same way that the GOP field is distancing themselves from Bush. 

Minner doesn’t mind though, she understands that to keep the party in power she has to go party it up in Chile’ and keep her profile low.  At least that is what her people are saying…..(Every time I go to a bar though I thank the governor and so should you. )

Lets just say that in this town when you compliment someones assistant or campaign aides or more generally speaking those people that work their asses off on campaigns the rewards to the complimenter are great.  You can’t go wrong complementing beautiful young women.  It’s part of my charm really.  As hot as I am I have to make women feel that they too are just as hot as me.  It keeps the vapors from happening I have found.  Alcohol is a plus too.

Oh and a word to the wise when you show up at these things.  The governor sends spies.  Aka constituent relation people or some bogus tax dollar wasting title they come up with for a family friend.  You know who you are and I have your number.  (wink)

Delaware’s hottest blogger was in full effect.  Dorian Gray and Von Cracker showed up in style but let’s be honest a candle can’t put out the fire I bring to a joint.  If you know what I mean.  None the less it was nice to see the fella’s, my pepes come out and wait for Chris or Art to show up.  After all they use real names so what would preclude them from coming out?  In the end I really do try to tone it down when I roll at the bar scene, but what can you do?  It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time.  Sorry DG, accept it buddy.  

Well, two my two new ladies friends, and you know who you are, (wink wink) thanks for a wonderful evening. I won’t ever forget it. hugs are so underated