Well, I have been pretty busy for the past few weeks with the new job, so I apologize to our readers for my lack of posting for the past few weeks (and you’re welcome, right-wingers).  I was inspired by Drinking Liberally last night and I hope to ride that inspiration to make more frequent posts.  So without further ado…

I am a big fan of Bill Maher and I was happy to see how he handled the hecklers in his audience last week.  Dana has the video and some scathing commentary on the 9/11 Truthers and their crude tactics.  Mat Marshall has a good blow-by-blow for the not-youtube-enabled.

Speaking of scathing commentary, check out the post from Delaware Dem on why the Democratic Congress are sissies.

Jerry Fulcher just won’t go away.  He has started a blog to occupy his unemployment.  Mike Matthews has Fulcher’s number though.  I think the number is zero.

The breeze is picking up again in the Bluewater/DP&L battle for a wind farm in Delaware.  Tommywonk has been all over it, of course.  He and I spent a good deal of time discussing it at DL last night and it sounds like there is a storm a-brewin’.  And this morning, David Anderson has a post up on this issue.  I love it when the Republicans realize that the corporate overlords don’t care about them.

The right has been doing a good bit of writing on the so-called 2nd tier candidates.  Hube has been spending some time considering Ron Paul, making two posts about him.  Duffy is also on the Ron Paul bandwagon with conspiracy theories.  Personally, I think it is a ploy to generate more traffic to his website from the Ron Paul freepers.  Meanwhile, Ryan S. is talking about Huckabee (he is my Republican dark-horse candidate).

Kavips has some interesting analysis on Biden contributers and their truthiness.  In keeping with the posts for the week, the original research for the article was done by a Ron Paul supporter.

In other Republican in-fighting news, Paul Smith is giving Duffy and his Yankees a hard time about being out-performed by the Red Sox.

Kilroy is fantasizing about a way to get rid of Minner, with a mocking “Dear John” letter to Carney.

Speaking of fantasies, Into Good and Evil has a long post about why he thinks that the atheists are mislead and misleading.

The right wing religious nuts can’t be happy that Dumbledore is gay.  The only good news for them is that he’s dead, too.

Abovethecanalpolitics has made an apparent attempt at humor with a post on why Al Qaeda is causing global warming.  My fear is that the Bush administration will use the post as a pretext for invading Iran.

For a good time, check out John Waters this weekend.  He will be in Rehoboth for a film festival.  Nancy has the story and an anecdote about how close she and Waters are. 🙂

Karmic Jay has some great ads and a Bill Maher clip that are worth checking out.  Paul Smith will hate the clip.

That’s the wrap for this edition.  The only thing left is to let you know that at least 75,759 Iraqis have been killed since we freed them.  In addition, 3,838 of our brave American soldiers have died for this absolute boondogle of a war.  But hey, Blackwater bills $445,000/year for each mercenary that they provide, so at least someone is getting something out of it.