Well, it is time I polluted my mind with socialist, Marxist, Lenninist thinking again.  I know, I know I may come to find that this type of leftist logic is what produces inactive, unproductive, suckling pigs that feed on the nipple of another mans bulging breast of wealth.  But hey, I need to keep filling my mind with grand thoughts about a utipian society where I am not alone in feeling that I should be taken care of when I provide my country with over 50 years of employment and servitude. 

It’s the least I should expect but, what do I know?  I guess I’m supposed to love my country unconditionally and not expect anything in return.  But I guess God still loves me and I will get into heaven when I’m done.  But what if I don’t believe in God?  I thought this country seperates religion and state?  That wouldn’t make sense then, crap there I go again, thinking my country owes me something.  I hear Kennedy knocking on my noggin right now.  It’s the american way though isn’t it. Maybe not….quid pro quo is latin and latin isn’t American, it’s Latin and Latin’s aren’t white!

I figure though while I read this I may learn  more about why Keynesian Ecomonics actually worked for 40 years in this coiuntry and others and why Friedman Economics and Laisez Faire don’t benefit the middle and lower classes.  How they screw us over repeatedly all the while providing enormouse benefits to corporations.  But forgive me I only know what I read and live through. I just get the distinct feeling that the Adam Smith’s invisible hand is doing one of two things.  Either giving me the finger or sticking his fist up my ass.

While I am reading this I am rereading this at the same time.  To keep me level I guess and learned.  After all if someone could see 150 years ago what could go wrong with our brand of democracy I figure it will be worth my time.