It is a truth we seem to need to relearn every election.

On the one hand you have Republicans like Charles Lamont VonCopeland going all Hannibal Lecter in their mailings and on the other hand you have Democrats like Matt Denn trying to use the election to focus the public’s attention on things that need to get done.

It is a different mindset.

Just check this out from Denn’s campaign blog:

Sign the Petition for Affordable Health Care in Delaware

As we get ready for the General Assembly’s return in January, we are trying to let the House Insurance Committee know that we want a fair, up or down vote on the two bills to help make health insurance more affordable that I proposed and that the State Senate passed by an overwhelming bi-partisan majority.

Click to sign the petition today!


Go on with your bad self Denn!

Sign the petition people. Stand up for good policy and reward good politics.