I’m all worked up.

But let’s face it, Celia Cohen is just one of a whole generation of journalists and editors who loved being “in the club” more than they loved trying to find and report the truth.

I’m saying this because I realize that I need to chill out. Cohen is a fellow human being who has a mother who loves her in spite of the fact that she is a horrible horrible person.

I could just as easily picked NJ political editor, Doug Williams to be public enemy number one. He loves being buddies with Castle, Carper and Biden every bit as much as Cohen does.

Addendum:  I make a big deal about how Cohen’s failure to cover Mike Castle and his Bush enabling votes but her coverage of Joe Biden is just as bad and probably even more sycophantic than her coverage of Castle.

Biden’s entire claim to fame is being this foreign policy genius and statesman – but on the biggest most important issue of the past 100 years, he got his vote exactly wrong and squandered his standing in the Senate by taking the  “safe” route and voting with Bush.

Celia Cohen never ever ever ever ever mentions Biden’s out and out failure.   These were important, character revealing votes that should have been covered.