Delawareans don’t give a fuck about the war, so it makes perfect sense that Mike Castle and Tom Carper don’t give a fuck about it. Why should they get ahead of the voters?

Regular readers may have noticed that my view of the war has changed over the last few months. Right now I don’t give a fuck about it. I’m not going to try and leverage my position as a speck on the ass of a flea to try and get some sanity into our Iraq war policies. No more calls to Castle’s office. No more meetings with department store mannequins dressed as Senators. No more lit drops.

Hey troops. I support you – in a Republican sort of way starting now. (That is my public stance. My private stance is just like your private stance. “Hey troops – tough luck suckers. Next time crack a book in school.)

Instead of getting all worked up, I’m just going to try and make sure that people close to me don’t get their heads filled up some idiotic nonsense about “serving their country” or “being all they can be” and thereby put themselves at the disposal of some bloodthirsty corporations.

As for me, the peace movement begins (and ends) at home.