I’m not sad that Celia Cohen is finished.

She abused her virtual monopoly by using the trappings of journalism to protect and prop up her friends. She squandered her reader’s presumption of journalistic objectivity and now that she has been exposed as the vindictive and small minded hack that she is, she has nothing.

Her perch is gone. Her insider status has been swept aside by a nuclear bomb called the internet and she is left with only impotent rage.

Now then class – let’s begin with a definition.

Wikipedia says that a death rattle is a gurgling or rattle-like noise produced shortly before or after death by the accumulation of excessive respiratory secretions in the throat.

Those who are dying may lose their ability to swallow, resulting in such an accumulation.

I should have recognized last night’s post for what it was. But I missed it. With the clarity that a good night’s sleep brings – it is obvious to me that Cohen has released is a death rattle.

On the surface Celia appears to be disciplining an out of control GOP that wantonly “corrupted” her “journalism” for crass partisan advantage.


“The Republicans appropriated a story…” She fumes.

“manipulation” and lack of “integrity” She cries as she stomps here tiny feet.

I should have know at first glance that this is not about Republicans. As we know from our study of Cohenology, like everything she writes – it is about Celia Cohen.  It is about how Celia Cohen fits into Delaware’s political ecosystem. This burst of bile is about how Celia Cohen has lost her insider status and it is about how Celia Cohen needs to express her rage about losing her status by lashing out at Dave Burris.

I will delve into the elve’s decline and the death of her relevancy over the next few days. But in the meantime – you have homework.

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