From the NJ.

A constituent praises Rep. Ennis’ senatorial bid

Bruce Ennis, my state representative from Smyrna, works tirelessly and selflessly for his constituents in the 28th District. Even though he is working on issues for his district, he still finds the time to return our phone calls and to ask if there is anything he can do to help us. You can call his home and Grace, his wife, is always there to answer your questions when Bruce is out.


He is a true gentleman, a committed family man, and exemplifies the qualities of a public servant. I honestly have not seen any elected official go the extra mile as he does for his constituents.


Bruce not only is a good listener, but he also can tackle a problem with all the facts lined up that will impress you.


Now it is time for him to extend his public service to the towns and communities of the 14th state Senate District. Port Penn, Delaware City, Middletown, St. Georges, Odessa and Townsend will not be disappointed. They will also enjoy the benefits that we of Smyrna, Clayton, Leipsic, Little Creek and Dover have as you elect Bruce Ennis as state senator of the 14th district.


Please take the time to vote on Nov. 3 and make sure you have the correct polling place. A vote for Bruce Ennis is a vote for integrity, honesty, family and open government.


Barbara Allsopp, Smyrna