Listen I know what it is like to want to know about a star’s life. I understand you guys/gals don’t want to know, but want to know at the same time what is going on with people’s private lives. I’m here to tell you, they are normally train wrecks!

The baggage that comes along with being Delaware’s hottest blogger is heavy. The fighting with the ex-wife never ends! 8 years later and we might as well have been divorced last week. So the Mrs. Hotviti has stepped in to act as Secretary of State.

Well we are working with Mrs Putin and I can honestly say I think the Cold War is about to restart.

so without further adieu (sp?) Here I air my dirtly laundry with you all.

But before I do, a little more set up. We got my daughter’s passwords for their online school information. My ex-wife was kind enough to put a family friend (of hers) as an emergency contact instead of their step mother. For daughter #2 she put her boyfriend as a gaurdian and 2 of her family friends as emergency contacts vs my father or wife. And for daughter #3 the same thing.

Now….enjoy. Get the popcorn! (Names have been protected to protect the innocent)

email to ex viti:

Hotvit and I attended the parent/teacher conference this afternoon and it went well. All her teachers reported really enjoying having daughter #3 in their class. The one thing all her teachers did report was that she was easily distracted and talked a lot. All her teachers wanted us to remind her to study for her quizzes as well as her tests and make sure she’s doing all her assigned homework. Homework was the biggest issue with her social studies teacher. She also reported getting an email from you which is great but in attempts for all of us to be on the same page could you copy me on those emails as well (just as I did for you) Lastly, her math teacher said that she will check her notebook to make sure she is taking good notes to help her study with each day.

The Home Access user name and passwords came in today. Daughter #2 and #3 have the same one. The URL is This is the same URL for Daughter#1 as well.
username is: you must be kidding
password is: go f’yourself (not really but I thought it funny)

When we were checking the home access information Hotviti and I noticed that when you sent in the registrations for the #2 & #3 and even #1 you listed family friends as an emergency contact instead of myself or Hotviti’s father. I know it’s difficult, but in times of emergencies I can be a person to contact as I am considered a guardian for the girls.
Mrs. Hotviti

Dragonexwife: (sorry parrothead I like it)

Hi, Mrs. Hotviti  Nice to meet you.  I’m Daughter #1, 2 and 3’s mother.

Gee…is #2 & 3’s school website the same as #1‘s?  REALLY?  Well, shoot!  I’m sure glad you told me!  Golly…otherwise, I might’ve gone all year without knowing if they’re even going to class yet alone passing!

How about this?  If I need any information from you, I will ASK FOR IT.  

And I will make any calls and send any correspondence that I feel appropriate to my children’s teachers.  Period.  If their father needs to be notified, he will be.  I just want to ensure that there is a clear distinction between the “environment” in your home as opposed to the one in mine. 

And spare me your “Mrs. ex-wife, I promise I am super stepmom & really, truly just want us to get along” reply.  My day is much too full and I have no intention of wasting any more of my energy on you this week. 


and one more back to the dragonlady:


It is my goal for us to work together and make sure that you have all the information, even if you may have already had it.  Having too much information is better than not having any at all. 

In regards to schoolwork and correspondance to/from the teacher, it is beneficial for us to have the same information to ensure that all the girls are getting the same support and help the teacher is requesting.  We are on the same team with the goal to have them succeed.  We are not in competition against each other, again we are on the same team.  The girls will benefit soooo much more if we are on the same page.  Nothing super about it, just want us to work together for the girls.

Mrs. Hotviti