Yes, we already knew that.  Here is further proof though

Under the Clinton plan, if a family making up to $60,000 a year put $1,000 into a new 401(k) account, they would get a $1,000 matching tax credit. The plan would create millions of new investors. Struggling families could choose mutual fund options and participate in the capital markets. They’d be encouraged to move away from a month-to-month mentality to a saving-for-the-future mentality.

Yep, Davey, you got me because getting a $1000 tax CREDIT at the end of the year is going to incent me to stop living paycheck to paycheck.  Never mind the fact that gas, food, education, healthcare and oh just about everyotherfuckingthing on the planet is going up.  Except lead based toys at Walmart though.

and to sum it all up if you read the whole article.  He basically is calling Hillary a Hamilton Republican.