I’ve taken some shit over at FSP and that is okay. It brings me to this post. 

An abiding faith in patronage and cronyism don’t translate into great web copy, so expect Ennis to keep his agenda on the DL while playing up his door to door retail experience.   E.g  “Remember when I helped your cousin out with his little problem last year?”

Christian is a Dave Burris product, so she’ll be for all of those things that the newbie Dems in the district are for – bike paths, “open government”,  wind power.   Her agenda will be more progressive than Ennis and that is a stone cold fact.

 So how does it shake out? 

Vaughn trounced Feroce BY DOING NOTHING.   Listen up, the old school dems in that district LIKE  patronage and cronyism.  After all, why should all the benefits of knowing people who know people accrue only to Republicans?

Bottom Line: Burris can make this one closer based on the fact that at least some people know of Christian and other Dems are new to the area.   Can those new Dems put her over the top?