First, glance at this list.

Steven H. Amick SD10
Colin R. J. Bonini SD16
Catherine L. Cloutier SD5
Dorinda A. “Dori” Connor SD12
Charles L. Copeland SD4
F. Gary Simpson SD18
Liane M. Sorenson SD6
John C. Still SD666

So, like other Dave Burris coached candidates, Joanne Christian wants to join this dysfunction family in order to push for “open government.”

Now a quick question. Does anybody honestly think that the Republican caucus would really be for “open” government if they thought real open government was a possibility?

I have to tell you, I don’t.

Editor’s Note 1: This isn’t a Joanne Christian post. I still don’t know squat about where she stands on ANYTHING.

Editor’s Note 2: Yes, some Democrats are frauds and losers. No need to mention that unless you agree that the R caucus is full of crap on “open government” but just hate to admit it.