I admit it, I like doing these things.  As delawares hottest blogger it is good to see that I get noticed outside the state.  All the way down to North Carolina followed from my old stomping grounds. So as a loyal sthailor (yes, lisp intended) I must do as I am told and carry out his command.the following is what I must do:

1 Link the person who has tagged you.
2 Tell seven true things about yourself.
3 Tag seven new people.
4 Leave a message with the person you have tagged so they know about it.

1.  When I was 15 I shot and killed my dog.  I was playing around with a gun and my mom’s labrador came into the room and was doing her normal thing.  I tried to shew her away but she accidently leaped up onto me and the gun went off.  It was awful.  My mom said she wished it was me, my dad beat me within an inch of my life and I ultimately moved out to a friends house and scraped by with a job at TCBY in the Fairfax Shopping Center.

2.  I got my 4th cousin pregnant at 16.  I didn’t know she was my cousin at the time.  We hooked up at the St. Anthony’s festival and one thing led to another.  She had an abortion

3.  I was in the Navy, Submarines, (but you already knew that)  I fell asleep one time at the helm at 3am and steered about 120 degrees off course in the middle of the North Atlantic.  I woke up, steared back on course and no one ever knew.

4.  I just went to the doctor 2 months ago and found out that I have a thyroid issue and now have to take medicine for the rest of my life

5.  I want to be a politician but am afriad the skeletons in my closet will prevent that from ever happening

6.  I want to be a politician but am to afraid I would be corrupted by the position

7.  I think what the rich people are doing to this country is fucking criminal, wrong and that our government no longer is for the people by the people and it makes me fucking sick. 

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