Are you old enough to remember a game show called “The Dating Game” in which a sexy babe questioned three studs (one of them being a screwball) to figure out who she wanted to go to Puerto Vallarta with? As you may recall, whoever came off as the biggest screw-ball had an excellent chance of winning.

Doesn’t the Republican race for the GOP presidential nomination remind you of that game?

Yesterday Fred Thompson made a play to be the biggest screw ball – stating that Saddam had WMD’s. Just before that McCain tried to grab the biggest screw-ball title by saying that the Constitution declares the US a “Christian Country.” Flipp has had his eyes on the screw-ball vote from day one with his plans to double Guantanamo.

Anyway, I find it comforting that all of these dopes are willing to give up any chance of winning the general election by going “screw-ball” for the GOP nomination.