In her late 50’s, and having come of age in a time before blogs, Celia Cohen regards her station as a member of the “MEDIA” as an exalted one.

She looks down on mere citizens like you and me with the kind of disdain mixed with pity that you might associate with the decadent Sultans of the Ottoman Empire. You and I are just a confused bunch of witless asswipes to her, and therefore it is not possible for her to keep her contempt out of her “writing” for very long.

That contempt can take many forms, but one of the most common expressions of contempt is the transparent lie. She reasons that her readers are too ignorant and useless to know the truth from a lie, and too lazy to check up on her – so why not spice things up with a lie now and then? Who cares as long as it fits into her ongoing narrative about the transcendent greatness of Tom Carper and Mike Castle?

For a close at hand example see yesterday’s ode to Carp-stle. In it Celia says, “ The way Castle is voting this session, it would be news if he did not break with Bush.


Is anybody surprised to find out that Mike Castle has voted with Bush 78% of the time this session?

You shouldn’t be.