When it comes to supporting George Bush, Tom Carper makes Mike Castle look like a rank amateur. Carper’s voting record makes him a unique species in the Senate. A blue state Democrat who is a 100% Bush supporter.

In the last three Senate votes that can be used to measure a Senator’s willingness to give Bush the benefit of the doubt – Carper voted 100% for Bush.

Even now, knowing what we know about Bush’s nonsensically belligerent foreign policy Carper VOTED TO GIVE BUSH option to attack Iran through a backdoor declaration of war.

Even now, knowing what we know about Bush’s determination to trash the constitution Caper VOTED TO GIVE BUSH right to use FISA to support the unitary executive theory.

Even now, knowing what we know about Bush’s plans for war without end in Iraq Carper VOTED TO GIVE BUSH some public relations relief by condemning free speech that Bush and the Republicans did not like.

There is just no way to sugar coat it. Based on these recent votes it is clear that – Tom Carper is a steadfast Bush loyalists.

Knowing all that we know, how is it possible that Carper can continue to give the President the benefit of the doubt? There is simply no justification for these votes.