I wont lie and tell you that farmers get a raw deal in this country.  Heck in this state for that matter (which I guess is part of the country, but I wanted to try and make this a sort of delaware post for a change, but it wont be so awww screw it) 

These guys are the bread and butter of our country.  When I think of farmers I think of Scarecrow and the Plow, Little Pink houses and Jack & Dianne how much more American do you get than John Cougar, John Cougar Mellencamp, John Mellencamp ? These guys and gals have done more to help this country and the world then any single industry in the world………. except for the automobile industry I guess, oh and the computer industry, oh and errrrrr our defense industry, I guess I shouldn’t leave out the telecommunications industry, crap I really don’t want to forget the media industry, where would we be without printing press too, shoot I guess I have to give props to steel industry as well, well anyways Farming was is pretty important to this great country and don’t you forget it! (I guess).  They will be the first ones to tell you it’s important I bet!

So when I go to read that in RADCLIFFE, Iowa — Corn farmer Jim Handsaker has found a slew of ways to ride the heartland boom in biofuels that is reshaping the economy of rural Iowa. He sold some of his 2006 crop this year for more than $4 a bushel, the highest price in a decade. His stake in two nearby ethanol plants brought in several thousand dollars more in dividends. Meanwhile, soaring farmland prices have pushed the value of the 400 acres he owns to around $2 million.Even so, come October he will get a subsidy check from the government, part of a $1.6 billion installment

I can’t help but jump up and down no not like these guys, but like these guys!

You have to understand.  This is America’s heartland, they have put the country on their backs for hundreds of years and have very little to show for it. Now they are getting their dues. This isn’t welfare! No, this is just deserts! This is the chicken in their pot

I for one am glad to see these people getting welfare, government assistance subsidies. I hope they continue to do so until milk hits $6 a gallon.

So the next time you fill up at the gas station and complain that your gas mileage is going down because of the ethanol in your tank, you remember who grew that freaking corn for you hippie! You remember who raised the price of corn that caused the price of your milk, eggs, and meat to go through the roof.

Then after you remember that and the subsidies they get to grow the stuff, SHUT THE FUCK UP, BE A REAL AMERICAN AND START BLAMING THE MEDIA!!!