There was quite a bit of news this week, including Jim Vaughn stepping down from the Senate, triggering potentially 2 special elections.  Also Dave Burris has stepped down as  Sussex County Chairman.  Dave will be missed.

On Vaughn, Dana and Stephen fire a parting shot at the Dixiecrat on the way out the door.  I find it striking that David Anderson has nothing but nice things to say about him.  There is also a post from DelawareDem rightly ridiculing Celia for her disdain for elections

In other news, Tommywonk continues to doggedly follow the windpower issue.  Tom has posts up about windpower’s costs and benefits.  Today he has a posted an interesting letter authored by members of the GA to the Controller General.

We have a number of posts around the Ahmadinejad speech at Columbia.  Hube is incensed.  Dave compares DeLay to Ahmadinejad.  Ryan S. cheers the use of ridicule as a weapon (looks like we have taught him something…).  Joe M covers the reception that the President of Columbia have him.

The next round of blame for the Iraq war has started.  Apparently it is Katie Couric’s fault now.  Thank God.  I was afraid that it was Bush’s fault.

David Anderson posts on the”lonely position” staked out by Bush on insuring children. Dana and Stephen take the opposite stance.

When it rains, it pours.  Kilroy got two jobs this week.  The one that matters to us is the one that doesn’t pay,  member of the Community Review Committee for Red Clay.  Good work Kilroy.

Looks like Stallone has figured out how to get the nutjobs into the theater, use a cross and a prayer.

Speaking of war and violence, there is some bad news for us.  Bush is happy that none of the top Dem candidates have solidly come out and said that they will pull out of Iraq.  Joe M also has a post about how much this war is really costing us.  Kavips has a post on what sort of BS has put us where we are with regard to Republican philosophy.

Citizens for a Better Sussex has a post revealing that 90% of Delaware’s waterways are polluted.  Wow…Just wow.

Mike Matthews has coverage on the election of Common Cause officers to begin its process of recovery from the implosion a few months ago.

Apparently, Mat Marshall isn’t a liberal.  That is weird since he is hosting the YDM gathering tonight. 🙂

Mike Mahaffie has been in Wisconsin all week for a conference.  He has some nice pics of the State Capitol.

Over at Into Good and Evil, mynym is a bit annoyed that liberals have tried to make fundamentalist a bad word.

This week I don’t have the stomach to look at the fatalities in Iraq this week, so you’ll have to look for yourself.  Have a good weekend.