I won’t claim to be the most well mannered person on the planet but I know which fork to use with fish.  I know to put the butter on the bread plate and I also know how to position my flatware so the waiter knows to take it.

 Now when I’m at Bennigan’s these rule hardly apply but at the Ritz Carlton you gotta step it up a little you know?

So the Mrs. Hotviti and I trekked our way up to the City for lovely night out.  If you didn’t know it’s Restaurant week in Center City Philly, presented by Benz.  There are about 40 or so 3 and 4 star places reducing their prices to attract customers and get them to stray away from the typical chains.  The restaurants have an abridged 3 course menu for $30. A majority of the restaurants typically serve $25 to +$50 entrees.  You are still going to drop about $90 to $120 but it is less than you would normally spend if you had a similar menu. 

More or less it is a chance for the po’folk to eat at the fancy-schmancy places and have them laugh open their arms to those that wouldn’t normally dine in ther fine establishment.

The Mrs. and I dined at The Grill in the Ritz Carlton. It is funny to watch some of the people that dine at these events. Last year we dined at La Famaglia in Old City It was nice ,in fact it was awesome. It wasn’t so nice to see the people come in jeans and yuck it up, but what can you do…

Anywhooooo, last night while dining it was funny to watch a distinct group of four dine. I think certain rules apply to you no matter where you eat, but to watch it unfold at one of these places is doubley fun. I can only imagine how that staff regrets looks forward to working during Restaurant week.

So I guess in the end I just have a few tips for you to consider applying while you dine out, be it Mcdonald’s, Friday’s or the Ritz:

1. Don’t order food while talking on your cell phone
2. Don’t order food with your mouth full of bread
3. Act like you’ve been there before. It’s the Touchdown rule.
4. Dress Nicely, it isn’t church but maybe act like you care and they aren’t doing you a favor
5. Don’t pick your teeth during dinner
6. Don’t slurp your soup
7. Only cut enough food to eat, don’t slice up all the food on your plate like you are a 5 year old eating vienna sausages.  It cools the food off for one.  Also depending on the food it can really ruin it. 

and my favorite rule of all

Try something new! Live a little!

That’s it. Off to Pompeii tonight. change of plans found another place Ristorante La Buca