The Poor News Journal… taken in again.  [At this point you have to wonder if they are this stupid or a willing participant in the “bi-partisan” compact fraud that Castle is peddling.]
For those of you unfamiliar with Castle’s current kabuki dance:

The list includes: 1) an end to the in-fighting, 2) full-funding for troops on the ground, 3) a clearly defined mission, 4) increase pressure on Iraqi government, 5) “adequate” rest for troops deployed to Iraq, 6) a “responsible” redeployment, 7) a continued military presence in Iraq, and 8) increased diplomacy with other countries in the region.

I was going to mock this an write a parody of the 8 principle’s – but it is self mocking.

…increase pressure on Iraqi government,   Ha!
.. a continued military presence in Iraq,..   Just what all of Delaware is clamoring for!!

Thanks Mike!!   This should make your retirement inevitable.