This is a guest post by anon.

Hear Tom Carper compare himself to Jim Webb. Hear Tom Carper explain that Republicans would stop calling Democrats “wusses” if only Tom Carper were allowed to be the spokesman for the Democrats.

Bring a bucket.

From Larry Kane’s show “Voice Of Reason” aired 9/12 on CN8:


LK: Why do the democrats allow themselves to be painted by Republicans as wusses when it comes to the defense issue? Seriously – Republicans have done a very good job of painting your party as the party of softness when it comes to security – and it’s not true.

TC: Sometimes when you look back to the election for last year, the reward for taking the more pragmatic point of view [what the hell does that mean??] was that we took over the House and the Senate, and we’re in the position now to do the kind of oversight that we need to – whether it’s Homeland Security, Department of Defense, or any other – that’s an accusation we’ll take from them.

In the long run – and I say this as a guy who served three tours in Southeast Asia, Vietnam War, 23 years as a naval flight officer for a long time in a hot war and a cold war – one of things we need to do a better job on in our party is letting guys like Jim Webb, used to be Secretary of the Navy, former Marine, people like myself and others who served – for us to be the spokesmen more often then not – and what the media often is looking for as you know is a real contrast.

And if you’ve got a guy like me, or maybe like Jim Webb, [*gag…retch*] who – the contrast isn’t as sharply drawn – that we are not often given the opportunity to be the spokesperson for our party.


Editors Note: WHAT A JOKE!! If we had Tom Carper for a spokesman…it boggles the mind. One Republican party can’t fuck thing up enough for Tom Carper – he needs two .

And what is this pragmatic point of view BS? Voters voted for Democrats to END THE WAR. So do it you peice of shit!!

I just listened to that bullshit. I’m working on getting the audio up on you tube. This is un e’ffing believable.