As someone who sees Bush’s debacle for what it is I am often accused of not “supporting” the war. The accusation is generally accompanied by some vague assertion that my lack of support is contributing to our poor showing in Iraq.

This is idiotic on it’s face so I never gave it much thought. Until tonight.

Tonight I watched the Ken Burns PBS documentary The War. Listening to the stories of the people who fought on the front lines and the home front it occured to me that if I don’t support this war, then Republicans don’t support this war either.

If Republicans supported the Iraq war, they’d be doing stuff. They would do something like heading down to the recruitment office. Or raising taxes. Or selling war bonds. Or basically ANYTHING – instead of nothing, which is what they are doing.

So Republicans – SUPPORT THE WAR. If you think freedom is as stake, do something about it. SUPPORT THE WAR and stop contributing to our poor showing in Iraq by withholding your support.

NOTE: Blogging does not count. You have to get off your ass in some way. Now “git ‘er done!”