What’s the O/U on Protack in a primary? I’ll go 22% – takers?

I’ll take that. For a three reasons and his push poll is not one of them.

1) For one thing I’m not sure many Republicans want to have another Jan Ting shoved down their throats. Protack is scrappy nearly knocked off the anointed Ting (if not for the Virgin) and those Protack voters are still around. They know he’ll take the fight to Markell. Levin? Not so much. Levin wants to be buddies with the Biden’s and Markell’s of the world.

2) Protack appears to be his own man. The Jihad against in certain quarters doesn’t hurt him among voters who don’t like the way the party is being run, and

3) Levin is weak. Otherwise, why are they keeping him under wraps?

The Delawareliberal O/U is 40% – takers?