It is that simple. It is not a partisan thing. It is a sanity thing. Listen to Tommywonk on Delmarva Power’s push polling…

Delmarva Power Is Interested in What You Think

Nancy at Delaware Way had the story five days ago, and the News Journal ran the story today: Delmarva Power is conducting polling to help the company shape its PR campaign explaining why it should not have to enter into a contract to bring wind power to Delaware.
If Delmarva Power is so interested what the public thinks, then perhaps it’s time the company heard from you. Here’s where to send your letters:

Mr. Gary Stockbridge
Delmarva Power
P.O. Box 231
Wilmington, DE 1899-0231

If you want to fax your letter, the number 302 429 3801 connects to the general counsel’s office.

In your letter, you might mention that the law gives the Public Service Commission (PSC) the authority to direct Delmarva Power to contract with Bluewater Wind for wind power. Or you might point out that it’s the job of the PSC, not Delmarva Power, to represent the public interest. Or you could write that the long term trends in the cost of fossil fuels will almost certainly make them far more expensive than wind over the next 25 years. Or you might mention the environmental and health benefits of clean energy.

Of course, I’m interested in what you have to say as well. Send me a copies of your letters and I will post excerpts.

So take five minutes and write a letter. Then send it to Tom. We know that 50 letters can have an impact , so lets see what Delmarva Power says about 300 letters.