I would like to explain to you all why Senator Craig will be vindicated and potentially get the Vice Presidential nomination.

He is a secret agent in the culture wars.

Just like any war, it is important to have spys.  In order to gather effective information spys sometimes have to go under deep cover.  Haven’t the liberals been complaining that our intelligence isn’t good enough?  Now those word are coming back to haunt them.

Larry Craig has been spying on gays where ever he can find them.  He has staked out restrooms in Minnesota, Bathhouses in San Francisco and art galleries in P-Town (Provincetown, MA for those of you that don’t keep up on the gay lingo).  When I think of the things that he had to do to gain their trust, I stand in awe.

Now, a vast rainbow conspiracy is trying to “out” this culture warrior.  Well I’ve got news for you Adam and Steve, Senator Craig has been fooling you the whole time and the joke is going to be on you once the data that he gathered can be processed by our team of experts at Regents University.

Senator Craig, you are to the culture wars in this country, what John McCain was for that war that the liberals lost.