I want to vomit when I think about the idea that our brave mercenaries could be tried by some kangaroo court in Iraq for spraying machine gun fire into a crowd.

For one thing that so called “crowd” was probably up to no good, otherwise why would they be in Iraq?

For another thing, over 1,000 of our brave Blackwell contractors have died to help freedom and democracy gain a foothold in Iraq. They both tougher and smarter* than the average GI and this is the way we treat them? Shameful.

(*Yes I said smarter. These mercenaries make $15,000 a month while an average grunt would be lucky to bank $30 grand a year. I support the troops more than anybody (and by “support” I mean talk about supporting) but when you look at those numbers you just have to admit that the grunts are just suckers.)