If you look back at what Napoleon learned in Spain, what the French learned in Indo-China and Algeria, what the Soviets learned in Afghanistan, and what the U.S. learned in Vietnam, the lessons of history are clear: there is a limitation to military power. Economic, political and diplomatic challenges must be solved. They can’t be solved by military means and they shouldn’t be distorted by rhetoric.

I know smart people who were saying this BEFOR we attacked Iraq. It just seemed like a bad idea.

But noooooooooo – they were just a bunch of dirty hippy beatniks who hated ‘merica.

More Murtha:

A week ago on a Sunday talk show, a reporter expounded on a personal moment with the President in the White House when she asked him, “Mr. President, how do you continue to press forward when the war is so unpopular and things seem to be going so wrong in Iraq?” The President responded, “Because I am right.”

Right about what Mr. President?
Right about weapons of mass destruction?
Right about Saddam’s involvement in 9-11?
Right about mission accomplished?
Right about thinking he could fight this war on the cheap?
Right at the ease at which Iraq could be transformed into a pillar of democracy?

About fucking time someone is laying it out.