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Levin, who recently sold his popular drugstore chain Happy Harry’s to Walgreens, clearly is the preference of Republican officials. Several have signed the petition already.

“Several” Impressive!

“I wanted to send a clear public message that there are a lot of people on the Republican side who believe 2008 is going to be a good Republican year,” Copeland said. “And a candidate like Alan Levin will make it so. I think some of the names I saw when I signed on were sending the same message. He’ll be a great candidate and a great leader to lead Delaware out of the quagmire we’re walking into with the current administration.”

Burris, whose father ran for governor in 2000, said he sees no need for Levin to speed things up.

“There are a lot of people very excited about the potential of having him run,” Burris said.

“a lot” !!! For the record, 78 whole Republicans in total so far. That’s some groundswell. Iguess you could call it Levin-mania!!!