To some extent daily kos acts a kind of “my space” where people find some connection to the wider world in a community of (for the most part) sympatico fellow travelers. Of course its main job is as a clearing house for left of center news, oposition research, and electoral “best practices” – but this secondary role of “community” is important. (Delaware Dem is more plugged in than me on this – so his comments will be valuable here.)

On the community side, Jerry Northington has his groupies, as evidenced by his current reccomended diary which got reccomended and has garnerd around 200 comments. Reading through the diary and those comments I have to wonder if “possum” isn’t too much of a pure internet candidate. In other worlds, while I thought Spivack (who did not even answer emails, but had them printed out by a staffer) did not leverage the left blogosphere enough- is Northington’s campaign only about his kos “second life.” I don’t know. I guess we’ll see.

Here is a picture of Jerry that al fellow Kossak put up.