Dear Joe,

I just watched the video. You sounded good – it all makes sense to me, but I have a question. Who are you talking to? Who is the intended audience for that thing? In Mike Castle, you have one of the biggest Bush enablers in the country right here in Delaware. Was that video directed at him, or was it some Iowa dirt farmers? If it was directed at the farmers is seemed like a stupid gesture to me.

I mean, if you were serious about all that crap you just laid down it seems to me that you would have a sit down with Mike Castle and tell him to stop supporting George Bush. 10 out of 11 votes in favor of “staying the course” is a horrible record. If you called Castle out on it you would be doing something practical to end the war, and that might impress some Iowa delagates. Why not give it a try? Your Iowa audience doesn’t have any power to vote against Bush right now, Castle does.

– Jason