Delaware Dem has a good response to Dave Burris and Mike Castle who think that anyone who thinks Castle should break with George Bush is an “outsider.”

Castle said the anti-war group targeting him over the summer included young, paid “outsiders” with political backgrounds. His constituents, he said, have been more “balanced in their approach.”

Mr. Burris and Mr. Castle, I am a Delawarean. Dana Garrett is a Delawarean. Nancy Willing is a Delawarean. Christopher Bullock is a Delawarean. The vast majority of those who took part in protests at your home and at Rodney Square are Delawareans. We are not outsiders.

Further, we are your constituents. You are our Representative. You exist to serve us. Just because we are not your political supporters, and just because we did not vote for you, does not mean we are not your constituents. It would seem that Mike Castle now suffers from Karl Rovia, wherein he governs only for those who vote for him.