Well this week we saw another Republican joker enter the fray. At least he did it on Leno, where jokes are acceptable. Turns out his given name is really Freddie. I Freddie Thompson do solemnly swear… Nice.  Nancy and Dana both call him out.  Frank Knotts can’t be happier.

On the local scene I think I should wade into the murky waters that are DMA/DSEA. Kilroy has been bleating about it all week. MOT Newbie MOTSmitty Rsmitty over at FSP has been bitching too. I have a few links to DMA and was a member of DSEA for a while. The question revolves around how to tax people for charter schools. I find it amusing that we are having this debate here in Delaware while in New York, conservatives are crying that an Arab school is a Madrassa. Suffice to say, I am not in the Smitty/Kilroy camp on this issue.

Next week is the vaunted report on the surge. Nancy has a post about the events of Sept 15th. Kavips has coverage of the report and its implications. Tommywonk rounds out the skeptics side with coverage of how the White House has been muting the importance of the report. The bloggers on the right have been mostly silent on the issue.

Speaking of Tommywonk, Tom has an excellent post about Jack Markell and the deal between DNREC and NRG.

Mat Marshall has taken some time out of his studies to blast the DMCA and Comcast.

Dana is on a “Republican Pentagon” kick and covers two big botch jobs this week.

I was intrigued by the post “that’s all I know about shrimp” and the geopolitical ramifications of the Chinese love of shrimp.  Oh, and it makes me think of Bubba.

Hube takes issue with national services proposals by Democratic candidates.  I particularly like how he lumps Obama in with Edwards and Dodd, saying that they all are compulsory, while even his description of the Obama program says no such thing…

Over at DWA, Mike is still under-employed so he is sponsoring a caption contest to amuse/deprecate himself.

Ryan Mc has a review of the CNN special “God’s Warriors.”  Good stuff.

Mike Mahaffie has a follow-up post on the lighthouse that was up for sale in the middle of the Delaware Bay.  I thought it was a bargain at 40K, but at 200K, not so much.

Duffy thinks that it is OK to compare Osama bin Laden to DKos, HuffPo, and DelawareLiberal readers/commenters.  Where is my handy-dandy Bush-Hitler reference guide?

Over at Gazizza, Paul Smith has a great clip of McCain joking with some students.

Into Good an Evil is making a comeback with two posts this week.  My head is spinning from this one.

Jokers to the Right has a hero/hack that I finally agree with.

Well back to my weekend.  KarmicJay suggests going to the Newark Film Festival.  I’m gonna try.  But for now, I’m going back to making chili outside in my Dutch Oven, cowboy style.

Speaking of cowboys, the one appointed President has gotten at least 71,302 Iraqi civilians and 3,760 American soldiers killed in his little cattle drive for freedom.  Giddie up!