UPDATE: Maria Evans at WGMD asked Levin something (the question was cut off in this audio) to which Levin responded that he is still considering running. Audio Link.

What is that “ersatz woman” Alan Levin waiting for? Even Grandpa Fred has announced at this point, but Levin is still weighing his options.

Today, Samuel Hoff (professor of political science and history and law studies director at Delaware State University) calls Levin out in no uncertain terms.

“It’s almost shocking from the standpoint of an objective observer that the Republicans are still kind of groping around for possible choices. You can’t pull a Fred Thompson in this governor’s race.” (snip)

“If we don’t see a Republican declaring or an endorsement by the party fairly soon, then we’re probably looking at another four years of Democratic administration” in Delaware, he said.

NOTE: The NJ graciously noted that Protack has declared.