The Homeland Security Department has failed to meet even half its performance expectations in the four years it has been in existence, Congressional auditors have concluded in a draft report obtained by The Associated Press.

See, by failing to meet half of expectations, they left themselves more work to do.   And more amusingly…

 The department disagreed with the findings of the report, particularly with the way auditors defined and measured progress. The report, prepared by the Government Accountability Office, is to be released Thursday

Now isn’t that a shocker?  The Dept disagreed.  I liken it to that hot chick in your Math class in college that was dumb as shit, you knew it, the entire class knew it and even the teacher knew it, but when she got her test back and it showed she failed she would still go to the teacher after class and argue and try to get her grade changed. 

Here is a great line that sums up this administration:

The department has had success developing plans, but has not always been able to carry out the programs,

Now if that doesn’t sum up this administration I don’t know what is.