First of all props to homegirl Maria Evans at WGMD for getting Castle’s Iraq views on the record. In this short audio clip (h/t Kavips, Nancy Willing DelDem) you can hear Mike Castle speaking directly to the voters and get a glimpse of his re-election strategy.

It is a simple strategy and one taken directly from the Rove playbook: Lie.

Mike Castle plans to lie about his record.

Mike Castle plans to lie about people who point out the lies about his record and,

That’s it. It is pure Rovian politics.

Listen to the lies here

Notice how he lies about the aims of the protesters? Notice how he lies about his record?

He started rolling this out earlier in the month when he brazenly lied abouthis record saying that he voted with the Democrats on Iraq “more often than not.” That might have been a slip if not for less impromptu lies he allowed Maria Even to record.

My sense is that he feels (in light of his record) he has no other option than to just lie his ass off. Knowing that the Drew Volturo, Celia Cohen, and the News Journal’s Doug Williams will never ever, ever, ever call him out on his actual record – why not just say “fuck it” and lie?

The only question that now needs to be settled on election day is – Can Castle lie with impunity. He is clearly betting that he can.