I was torn this week as to whether or not to title this edition to highlight Gonzo or Craig ( I was going to go with “Homo Hokey-Pokey Edition”) but Getting rid of Gonzo is so sweet that I had to go with him. Ding dong the witch is dead!

That being said, let’s start with Larry Craig and the coverage thereof. Props to FSP for breaking the story and being the first Republican that I saw call for his resignation. Hube got picked up by Jonah Goldberg for his post on Craig buying gay offsets. Ryan S thinks it is a vast left-wing conspiracy. That meme is echoed by Paul Smith. Dana takes a different tack on it by blaming evolution and psychology.

In other news, The Gonzo story is covered by Joe at Merit Bound Alley with a nice little memory joke (and thanks for the shout-out). Ryan Mc at Liberal Delight is getting that uneasy feeling about the whole thing. Dave at FSP posted about why Chertoff is a bad choice.

Also at FSP (the real estate market must suck right now) Dave posted another meme about poor people with air conditioning. The always insightful Tommywonk counters with a post that I wish I had written.

The Take a Stand, Mike Castle Rally garnered some traffic this week from a call to arms from Kavips, to live blogging from Mike Matthews and Nancy Willing. Kilroy is only left to question how many people actually turned out.

The Republicans and Democrats each had events last weekend. The Dems had a Jamboree on the beach. Mat Marshall had the best coverage with his post. Meanwhile, the Republicans were trying to get Protack to eat the Watermelon of Doom at Vance Phillips’ crab feast.

Meanwhile, Hube is beating the political correctness drum again and again.

Kavips has a post about the future of business in Delaware if we don’t get a wind farm in the very near future.

In sad news, brought to us by Duffy, Michael Jackson a.k.a. The Beer Hunter has died. I’ll raise a glass to him in the next few days (Once I can find some Murphy’s Irish Stout to suitably toast him).

This weekend also is the unofficial end of summer. Mike Mahaffie has that through the eyes of The Rehoboth Summer Children’s Theater. And if you are looking for something to do this weekend, how about a ramen curry bath as suggested by KarmicJay?

One of my favorite pictures of the week is the toilet paper at Delaware Watch that illustrates how utterly inept we are in Iraq.

Speaking of Iraq, remember that 3,737 American soldiers have lost their lives in this pork-barrel project called Iraq. And over 71,000 Iraqis have lost their lives. Not to mention that the cost is now at $447 Billion. Have a thoughtful Labor Day weekend everyone.