this is such a tired, partisan attack, that I can’t believe gets any space these days

And it’s terribly unjust that the sacrifices of our support troops go ignored by the big-star media. For just one example, a single military-police battalion lost 37 soldiers killed in the course of their tour. But what do we all hear about their valor?

For christ’s sake, gimme a break, “the big-star media” Oh you mean the media that doesn’t have access to the troops like they did in Vietnam? Or the one that isn’t allowed to take pictures of the caskets? Or do you mean the media that has had more journalists killed than in any other war? How pathetic that journalists hacks are still allowed to flaunt this meme.  I thought that we had finally broken down this weak wedge issue. 

Or maybe the more disgusting part of an article like this is that there are still people that feed into this bullshit and think “moonbats” don’t support the troops.