I am as anxious to pat Dave Burris on the back for a job well-done as anyone on either side of the aisle.  I was proud to be a blogger when he penned the letter that stuck a fork in Atkins.  I was impressed by the facts that he uncovered in the Pink Postcards case.  I was even impressed with the way he stuck it to Daniello in Dover a few months ago.

I had another one of those moments a few days past when the Senator Craig story broke and Dave was quick to call for Craig’s resignation.  Craig was quite active in the Romney campaign and here was another high-profile Republican being exposed as a fraud and a criminal.

What I wonder is if Dave would have been so quick to call for Craig’s resignation if the Governor of Idaho were a Democrat?  What would Dave do there?  I would like to think that he (and Smitty, too) would still call for Craig to resign, but I have my doubts.  It is easy to call for him to be replaced by another Republican, but capitulating a seat in the Senate?  That’s hard.