I had to bump this back up because we have to just let the fact that the NJ ran this giant picture on the front page of the local section. That is a huge breakthrough.

Is it possible that the Brahmins of Basin Rd. are starting to get it?  The entire “I love Bush” sash is readable above the fold.  This is a stunning development.


Jason adds: I love this The News Journal photo by SUCHAT PEDERSON. On the print edition you can read teh post-it that simply says “WTF” as clear as day.

Representative Brian Baird (D-OR) met with his constituents and was lambasted for 2 hours by a series of speakers overflowing a high school gym.

For more than three hours Monday night, Rep. Brian Baird was verbally flogged by hundreds of his constituents for no longer supporting the quick withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

The verbal floggings will continue until the troops come home. It looks like this is how a man takes his beating.

Also – the rally is getting really good heavy rotation play on WDEL.