Matt Marshall’s Coverage of The SCJ kicks Celia’s ass!!

h/t to Mike at DWA for steering me toward Mr. Mat Marshall and his coverage of the SC Democratic Jamboree thingy. I had heard Matt Denn‘s speach was awesome, which Mat confirms. As for John Carney you’ll have ot click over to mat’s blog to read about that cringe inducing performance.

Matt Denn’s speech was really inspirational… I don’t say this because I prefer Matt (though, confidentially, I do), but because he had the balls to go against the grain. I was in the corner with some of Matt’s volunteers (who, by the way, are all really attractive. I don’t know what the hell that was all about, but it beat the hell out of Read and me on the Markell team), his wife and their two kids (who don’t need to scream “Vote for my Dad” to be cute). I’ve never actually heard Matt speak a lot. He spoke at the YDM kick-off party, but I didn’t know he had the ability to blow me away as he did on Saturday. He essentially said, in so many words, that Carper was full of shit; that primaries pick the better candidate more than they tear the party apart (an over-exaggeration by Carper and his wait-your-turn mindset); and that the enemy is not Demcorats who have chosen to run/their supporters, but the GOP, who have run this country into the ground, who have consistently shot down legislation that would make health care more affordable in the Delaware House of Representatives, and who think they can “click their heels together three times and say ‘No Child Left Behind'”. The event was looking up.

Good stuff.