So I was surfing around and I went to one of my favorite little consumerism-gone-wild sites  I won’t bore you with the details of Woot, but it is quirky and fun online shopping.  They also have a Wine section of the website called  Basically you can get some different wines at a pretty reasonable price.

I have been trying to be more of a wino and less of a beer guzzler, so I look deeper and remember that Delaware is still one of the states that prohibits interstate wine sales.  There is a website site dedicated to the problem (sponsored by a consortium of wine producers).  There are only 17 states that prohibit the shipment of wine directly to consumers and we are one of them.

We bloggers have a modicum of power now and perhaps we should use it for good.  There is no reason why we should be prevented from getting wine shipped directly to us.  I know for a fact that many bloggers enjoy an adult beverage now and again (BTW, Kilroy, please don’t drink and post any more…) so I think that this is an issue that we can actually get behind.  Who wants to get bogged down in HB4 minutiae when you could kick back with a nice Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley?