While most of our lap-dog press is very happy to transcribe whatever Mike Castle tells them, Roger Hillis of Delmarvanow.com actually showed some of the balls that were once associated with professional journalists. Hold onto your hat… He asked Castle about Iraq.

The story starts out innocently enough.

REHOBOTH BEACH – The sand and surf of Rehoboth Beach made for a fitting backdrop for a press conference this afternoon featuring Congressman http://www.castle.house.gov/”>Mike Castle (R-Del.), who extolled the virtues of sunscreen.

Then Hillis does what no other journalist in Delaware has had the guts to do. He asked Castle about his horrible record on Iraq.

The press conference was not attended by members of the http://www.noiraqescalation.org/”>Americans Against Escalation in Iraq coalition, which has trailed Castle at recent events. The group’s protests are designed to encourage Castle to support a firm timeline for withdrawing troops. Following today’s press conference, Castle said he has spoken to members of the group and supports some — but not all — of its ideals. “I didn’t vote for the escalation,” Castle said. “But I’m certainly not going to vote for an immediate withdrawal. That would be a mistake. “More often than not, I’ve voted alongside my colleagues on the other side of the aisle. But I do feel that this group is singling out Republicans with their protests. There are plenty of Democrats who feel the same way I do.”

Too bad Hillis allowed Castle to get that lie about voting with Democrats on Iraq “more often than not” into print – but hey, it’s a start.

If you have a second please drop Roger a note at rhillis@dmg.gannett.com and thank him for asking Castle a question.