In an interview in the extreme right-wing Washington Times, Mike Castle wears his uselessness on his sleave.

“My position is fundamentally the same as it was going into the [August] break,” said Rep. Michael N. Castle, Delaware Republican, who weathered protests outside his Wilmington district office, TV ads and a march by about 30 demonstrators on his home — although he was not there at the time.

“I never believed in setting a date for withdrawal,” Mr. Castle said, echoing others who await a mid-September progress report by Army Gen. David H. Petraeus to decide how to proceed with the war. – via World Peace Herald

While once the ISG report was the holy grail of Iraq wisdom for Castle, he now says that the mid-september Gen. David H. Petraeus White House report to Congress will frame his views. In the meantime Castle is proud to be wrong on Iraq and seems to think that he is showing some type of Bushian “resolve” that could help him win re-election next year.

Prior to this, Castle latest position on Iraq was that ““This war just needs to grind to the end.” Which he disclosed in a rare moment of candor on August 6th.

Prior to adopting his “grind to an end philosophy, Castle’s position on Iraq was impossible to dig out of his utter giberish.