I almost tire of these stories. Larry Craig is accused of soliciting a sexual act in an airport mens room. Then he pulled an Atkins and handed his Senate business card and said “What do you think about that?” No word on whether he was trying to pick the cop up or not with that smooth line.

So, I think that it is OK to kick this guy out of office. If for no other reason than he voted against discrimination based on sexual orientation. Granted, he voted for the same-sex marriage ban, so presumably he didn’t actually want to marry the guy, I guess he just wanted a quickie.

I won’t go so far as to say that one should carry his vote against adding homosexuality to the list of hate crimes to its logical conclusion, but I wonder if straight Larry would have afforded the same. I am in favor of waterboarding him, though. Apparently, straight Larry would have been in favor, too.