Kos Diarist occams hatchet provides the introduction.

(D)on’t let any rightwinger try to tell you that Iraq is an experiment in “pure laissez-faire capitalism”; it is far from that. Iraq is, purely and simply, the theft of billions and billions of tax dollars, aided and abetted by the criminal conspirators of the

BushCheney administration at nearly every level. In contrast to pure laissez-faire capitalism, which eschews the involvement of government, the thievery in Iraq – and its concomitant Croesus-like enrichment of scores of big corporations – would not be possible without the direct and illegal participation of the BushCheney administration.

In short, Iraq is a huge profit center for Global Corporation, Inc., and George Bush and Dick Cheney are the Senior Vice Presidents of the United States Government Division of that money-making concern.

An article in the current issue of Rolling Stone does the best job I have ever seen anywhere in laying out in nauseating detail the workings of this criminal money-laundering scheme that some people have called “the Iraq War.” In it, Matt Taibbi descends into – quite literally – the fecal underbelly of the world of Iraq war profiteering. Giving example after infuriating example, Taibbi relentlessly pushes the needle on his readers’ Outrage Meters harder and harder against the peg, until finally one cannot read anymore without leaping up from one’s chair and screaming out in sheer, visceral, well, outrage.

Having read that intro do you dare to click on this link and read the story? Can you take it? Are you ready to have all your worst fears confirmed.


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