The NJ editors, who view their job as cheerleading for the status quo, slipped up and admitted that Mike Castle has refused to break with George Bush on the Iraq war.

Not exactly storming the Castle

U.S. Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del., has been under a tad of pressure this summer from anti-Iraq war activists. And the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has listed him as a target if he runs for re-election, as he says he plans to do.

All of which might add up to a tough time a year from now for the two-term Delaware governor and eight-term member of Congress.

But so far, those who oppose Castle, primarily for his refusal to abandon President Bush’s Iraq policies, have no high-profile Democratic candidate to back.

Someone at the NJ is in big trouble for allowing that little bit of candor to slip in (despite the fact that the blurb gos on to denigrate Chris Bullock, Dennis Spivack and Jerry Northington.