A reduction in US troops in Anbar resulted in more security for Iraqis.

Yesterday, the National Intelligence Estimate reported “measurable but uneven improvements” in the security situation in Iraq. While the White House has rushed to suggest that the modest gains were the result of escalation, the improvement can more plausibly be the product of Iraqi expectations of a U.S. withdrawal.

Much of the touted security gains have come in the Anbar province, a region that was not the target of Bush’s escalation. In fact, progress in Anbar pre-dated the surge and occurred while troop numbers were being reduced in the region.

Via THINK Progress

It is useful to note that a great many Republicans want us out of Iraq. While our local wingnuts and Bush Incompentence Deniers (yes Dave, I’m looking at you) cling to the idea of “victory” in Iraq – most Republicans that I speak to on a daily basis are much more clued in to reality.

On a daily basis I hear Republicans call Iraq, “A huge disaster” “A terrible waste of money and lives.” “A quagmire” and “unwinnable”. I find that Republicans, in general, are not as crazy as the Republicans who read blogs and comment on them.